Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen

Langzeitstudium am der Bootham School

Long Stay Information Pack – including application – for Bootham School

For 1 term / 2 term / 6 month or 1 year or 2 years stays at Bootham School

If you decide to apply then please email: and he will send you a word document version of the pack in order for you to complete the application form electronically.

Upon completion return your application return to:

If the application is successful, Jon Bell will email with a confirmation letter. In the letter, the student will receive details of our ‘Online Skype Induction’ which are usually organised for the end of June/beginning of July before the start of term. Both students and parents/guardian must attend.

Please remember that York College/Bootham School is the second step in our provision. The first being the 14 day short stay and the last studying at St John University for 3 years completing a BA Business Degree.