Online Learning

Was meinen die Schüler/innen?

Embrace England online Kurs ist eine dynamische Lernplattform, denn unser Unterricht und unsere Materialien sind vielfältig, detailliert und wir glauben... inspirierend! Wir haben Gruppen mit maximal 6 Schülern pro Lehrer. Daher haben die Schülerinnen und Schüler die Möglichkeit, ihr Sprechen, Hören und Verstehen auf eine individuellere Art und Weise zu verbessern.

Aber bitte nehmen Sie uns nicht beim Wort... bitte lesen Sie was die Schülerinnen und Schüler über unseren Kurs sagen:

I really enjoyed the online course. I learned new tenses, grammar and vocabulary, and gained more confidence when speaking. Apart from that, it was very interesting to learn about English history and especially about the city of York. In addition, there was always a good atmosphere and there was never any pressure, so it was easy and fun to learn English. Furthermore, my teacher was very nice, helpful, explained everything well and looked after all of the students. I strongly recommend the course if you want to improve your English and be introduced to York, Huntington School, Manchester, Scarborough, Robin Hoods Bay, Pickering and of course London!

- Florens

I was extremely impressed how well you dealt with each student. You quickly unmasked the “weaker points” of your students and worked on these. You gave positive feedback and the self confidence of all of us grew. I could have not imagined that students with different levels of understanding could be taught together but that was managed extremely well. The online course was entertaining, colourful fun and very easy to access through ‘skype.’ We were simply called 10 minutes before the session and it worked really well. I found online learning very effective and I had a great time! I am very happy that I decided to take part on the course.

- Alexandra
A parent who joined the course with her son Aaron

Hi! My name is Henrieke and I took part in the Embrace England online summer course 2020. At first I was not really sure if I would like another online course after months of home schooling due to the Corona crisis and courses in front of the computer. But this course was so different from our normal school class.

As soon as it started it was fun and I had no doubts any more. It was a great experience and I improved my english so much! What I really liked was, that even though we unfortunately could not visit the cities in UK in real, Jim gave us interesting and entertaining online tours. Thanks to that he gave us good insights how the daily life is like in England and about habits the people have there. I also loved that the lessons were very alive and motivating. We learned a lot of grammar but also about many other topics such as formal writing, English literature and how to do a good presentation in english. We then gave each other for example presentations about our home cities and other subjects. Moreover, the students, including myself, played little role playing games and we had lively argumentations and discussions. Not only the class itself was great: Jim also gave us always a very detailed and helpful written feedback on our homework, for example on our essays and little presentations.

I would say that this course is really improving your english, in speaking AND in writing, it is a lot of fun and I would highly recommend it to everyone who wants to learn more and improve in English language. You can do the online course even together with a friend. I did it together with my friend Kathi during the summer holidays. We visited each other and sat in front of the same computer. So the two of us, we could even do presentations together! We both just loved it and had a great time together with the other participants.

- Henrieke
from Berlin

After the 2 weeks of the online course, I really improved my English. I have learnt a lot of new vocabulary which has helped me speak more fluently and I have improved my pronunciation. The grammar is now ‘clear in my head’ and I feel so much more confident and brave. My teacher was always prepared and the power point slides made it like being in a real classroom! Everything was explained exactly and the variety between grammar, speaking freely was perfect! The detail to our written work was very detailed. These were two great weeks!

- Katharina