Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen

Erlebnisse und Erfahrungen

Erfahrungsberichte der Schüler: Leonie Pennekamp

Leonie Pennekamp

I am Leonie and I’m doing the Long term stay this year. Last Easter holidays I did the short term stay with my best friend. I think the short term stay is the perfect opportunity for people who are not fully sure about the long term stay yet. It’s great for getting in touch with your host family; probably Embrace England can arrange that you could stay for the short term with that family. You will also see the school and just explore the FANTASTIC city of York!

So if you want to do the long term stay after this, you have the great advantage that it’s not so strange anymore. You already know your hosts, the school and your environment. In addition you will have a lovely time and have a great experience in the short term stay. There are many cool places where you will go, like London, Scarborough and Manchester.

Also in the afternoon you have many opportunities to do other things like sports or drama workshops. It’s also cool for making new friends and seeing what it’s like to live in an English family. I can totally recommend the short term stay to you. You will have a great time with nice people and many adventures.

So even if you won’t do the long term stay in the end, you have tried it and tested it at least. You will make great experiences in these two weeks so you have nothing to lose. Everyone is so nice here and it’s great for getting an insight. I know it’s a big decision, but I can fully recommend the long term stay!

The year at Huntington School has changed my life! I had no idea it would be as incredible as this. Everything has been perfect! My host, Huntington School and just living independently has been just amazing! Going back to Germany is going to be very difficult for me and I never thought I would have said that a year ago!

Happy and Safe!

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